About Us

RURAL TO GLOBAL ORGANIZATION is a community-based organization that believes, champions and fosters women’s and teen girls’ Rights in Kenya. We are committed to creating responsive initiatives that facilitate, create and give opportunities to marginalized rural and urban slums teenagers, adolescent mothers and young mothers to thrive and realize their full potential.


Our programs and interventions are designed from the girls needs with an intentional focus to most at risk adolescent girls, teen mothers, young mothers below the age of 25 years on Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Sexual Gender Based Violence and Intimate partner Violence, Menstrual Health Management and teen mothers Economic Empowerment. 


Through responsive initiatives, we believe that girls and women will rise beyond gender inequalities and disparities in the society. Rural and urban slums teenagers and young women are under privileged and they lack requisite skills and knowledge that would enable them to be involved in decision making spaces. This is worsened by limited access to quality education, limited safe spaces where teens can learn from their mentors, role models, scarce opportunities that relate to the world / global needs and lack of financial resilience. We are geared to making sure that voices of the teenagers, vulnerable teen mothers are heard, count and opportunities are readily available.

Our Mission

Engaging teenagers and young women through responsive initiatives that create opportunities where they thrive and realize their full potential for a vibrant quality life.

Our Vision

A structural barrier free society where women and girls are empowered, thrive and are self-sustained in all sphere of their lives.

Purpose of our existence

To provide a community safe space where marginalized rural adolescent girls, adolescent / teen mothers and young mothers below the age of 25 years can be supported through advocacy and empowerment to claim and enjoy their sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) , through access to quality and affordable Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) services and information and nature their potentials in order to influence development processes in the community, national and international level.

Our Programs

Teens4Teens Talk Program

The Red Memo Program