Girls Care program grooms’ young women’ and girl’s respect and dignity through advocacy and community awareness on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), its forms and manifestations, causes, effects and possible responsive solutions in our communities.


GBV is one of the most widespread and socially tolerated forms of human rights violations, cutting across nationality, race, class, ethnicity, and religion. It is a significant contributor to inequality in Kenya today. GBV has a profound social and economic impact on families, communities, and the entire nation.

While committed to the realization of zero violence against women and girls, Girls Care Program creates safe space community dialogues and conversations that have a holistic approach to women and girls affected indirectly or directly by Gender-Based Violence including inhumane women and girls’ rights violations.


In its execution, the identified girls and women have special programs that allow them to understand ‘her’ world on its best without any violations. Safe discussions on Emotional intelligence, Bodily autonomy, Self-awareness and confidence, Emotional support in group or individual as well as counseling and referrals, women and Girls Right.