This program targets young mothers and women sharing evidencebased, and stigma free information on comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health in the community level. The program aims to Create Safe spaces for rural women and girls and also build capacity of community health volunteers, pharmaceutical technologies on advocacy, services and information delivery of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Due to the patriarchal systems and systemic barriers that women and girls face in the rural areas, this program thearafter provides safe, confidential and women/girls friendly referrals and linkages mechanisms to SRHR related services. The program creates avenues for advocacy and engagement with community gatekeepers, opinion leaders, decision-makers and the police through community dialogues and sensitization forums on issues related to SRHR services and information delivery. In it

In its execution, the identified girls and women have special programs that allow them to understand the world on its best without any violations. Safe discussions on Emotional intelligence, Bodily autonomy, Self-awareness and confidence, Emotional support in group or individual as well as counselling and referrals, women and Girls Right. The project invests in social Emotional learning that will indulge the survivors in to advocating to co- create a kinder, more interconnected and equitable future for women and girls.

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