Red Memo program believes in the power of choice of menstrual products, advocacy and creating awareness before and after menarche on menstrual hygiene education. We do monthly educative forums for parents and guardians on the importance of making sure that girls are provided with menstrual products and have discussions around menstrual hygiene management. Most importantly allowing parents to understand that menstruation is not a cultural taboo or a secret but something that if spoken about girls will denitely increase their self-esteem and appreciate their bodily autonomy.

Apart from stigma, Menstruation comes along with many other negatives believes that contribute to lack or limited menstrual hygiene education in the commun ity. Lack of proper attention to menstrual education has exposed more girls in risky sexual behaviors, lack of education due to teenage pregnancies, lack of self-esteem and bodily autonomy and lack of proper sexual health care information and services.

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